Our on-site professional veterinarians and nurses will provide your pet with caring and compassionate emergency and critical care services.   Please be assured that your pet will never be alone. 

We realize that your pets are near and dear to your heart.  We are committed to offering our support and care during your pets hospitalization.   We strive to provide a seamless link between the care that we provide to your pet and any ongoing care that may be required by your daytime veterinarian.  

Veterinary Staff

We our proud to have the following dedicated and experienced Emergency Veterinarians on our staff! Each veterinarian strives to provide the best care to our patients and their owners.

Dr. Ellen Lobocki
      Dr. Lobocki graduated from Michigan State University in 1989 and has been practicing emergency medicine ever since.
      After graduation she has worked at several ER practices in Michigan, California and finally Colorado.  Outside of the ER
      setting, her hobbies include horseback riding, reading and long walks with her "fur-kids".  Dr. Lobocki's family includes
      three Shiba Inus, one Akita, two kitties and two ponies.
Dr. Joy Robertson
      Dr. Robertson graduated in 1989.
Dr. Denise Fair

Nursing and Assistant Staff

Our dedicated staff at PAPEH help provide your pets the care and attention they need. The function of the the hospital depends on these hard workers!

De Potestio
Regina Peterson
Nancy Michiels CVT
Marianne Emerson CVT
Niki Talbert
Kathy Smith
Sandy Brack

Office Manager
Bob Lefler

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